Monday, March 19, 2007

Food Waste (W)rapped

The main green issue I was concerned with over the weekend was whether Ireland would snatch the 6 Nations trophy, but sadly, it almost literally slipped through their fingers...

Anyway, back to eco-living. The UK Government's Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) announced at the weekend that British households are throwing away around a third of all the food they buy, amounting to 6.7m tonnes every year.

I've blogged before on why waste food is such a massive environmental issue and what you can do about it, but WRAP have provided a simple 5 point leaflet, with some tasty sounding recipes designed to use leftovers - worth a look. As I work from home, leftovers usually become "lunch tomorrow". Of course I could have done this when I worked in an office, but it required being organised in the morning rather than running around looking for my keys.

If you haven't come across WRAP before, the quango was established in 2000 to improve markets in recycled materials and originally had a very limited remit. Once derided as "Waste of Resources And Public money", they seem to have raised their game in the last couple of years, with Chief Exec Jennie Price popping up all over the place to get the recycling and waste minimisation message across. They are also building up a decent selection of publications.

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