Thursday, March 08, 2007

Renewables Cash Dash Goes Crazy

If you want to install some renewables at home, then the UK Govt offers a subsidy via the Low Carbon Buildings Programme. The programme is quite restrictive as you have to meet strict efficiency requirements first, and then you can only get certain products installed by approved installers.

The money is doled out monthly on a first-come-first-served basis. This is causing a mad dash for the cash - in January the money had all gone by the 12th, in February it ran out by noon on the first day, and this month it took just 75 minutes for the allocation to go.

This scramble to get the grants shows just how popular microrenewables have become, but it is frustrating for the large numbers of people who were depending on the grant when they were costing their own scheme.

When I got my solar panel I was aware of the pressures and didn't bother applying, preferring to take the hit rather than go through the paperwork when there wasn't much chance of success. The decision is yours...

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At 11:29 AM, Anonymous Vic said...

We had PV installed yesterday with February grant money. So, my tip is to get all the information together, then get online at 9am on the 1st! Having said that, I really hope they're making provision for those who have to send their applications by snail mail, as they're likely to need it most.

Anyway, an interesting point our installer made was that a fair amount of the money will be awarded to micro wind turbines, which then won't get planning permission (for example, apparently, no London borough will grant it). So, that really needs sorting out.


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