Thursday, March 01, 2007

Green Politics, UK style

According to the Guardian, the Green Alliance (which represents nine green groups including Greenpeace, WWF and the National Trust) has set the big three UK political parties a challenge to back rhetoric with action - accusing all three of not walking the green talk.

The Alliance's standards are:

· To achieve a 3% year-on-year reduction in UK carbon emissions;
· To provide global leadership in ensuring a fall in carbon emissions by 2015 and restricting global temperature rises to 2C;
· To make it cheaper and easier for individuals to reduce their environmental impact;
· To protect and enhance the environment in British towns, countryside and seas, and
· To make the tax system greener.

Now is it just me or are the last three of these the sort of aspirational statement that they're criticising the politicians for hiding behind? You would certainly find it hard to judge a party's policies objectively against them. The second standard could never be committed to by a sane person - 'ensuring a fall in [global] carbon emissions'? So basically we're down to the 3% year on year reduction in carbon emissions... I for one am not that impressed.

While we're on the subject, you may remember Friends of the Earth's 'Big Ask' campaign for a climate change bill (with racy viral marketing). Well now the first objective has been met, they're launching a new one to ensure the bill has teeth. If you want to take part then click here.

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