Monday, March 12, 2007

Soggy Log Blog

This log maker was one of the Xmas presents I mentioned back at the end of December. The fact that I'm blogging about it in March tells its own story.

The idea is soak newspapers overnight, squish them into blocks and, when they're dry, burn them as fuel. The 'when they're dry' part of that statement is critical - the instructions say put them on newspaper to dry and change the paper daily for a week. This seemed a bit of a faff, so I put them under cover outside where the wind would get around them and left them. And waited. And waited. Seven weeks later they seemed dry. But they didn't burn well at all - rather they turned straight to ash in the heat of the fire.

OK, so I didn't follow the instructions fully, but I can't see the newspaper having made that much difference. I'm not impressed, but I'll give it one more go (and do it properly) before I consign it to the 'Green Graveyard'.

In the meantime if anyone else has had more joy with one of these, please post your tips in the comments.

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