Wednesday, August 13, 2008

James Howard Kunstler on US Urban Sprawl

I've never quite seen anything like this - James Howard Kunstler asks brutal questions about US suburban sprawl - which much of the rest of the world seems to be keen to emulate. Tough love and some strong language.

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At 4:13 AM, Blogger pipajo said...

Hi - Brilliant! he is so right on all accounts. i am a landscape arch /horticul/botanist and share his opinion that everybody involved in construction (and that includes a lot more folks than just the builders and designers..) are guilty as hell! i am a Swiss living in Asia and frankly, every time i have to travel and we land someplace ,without my boardingpass and meetings lines up.. i would have no idea where i am: increasingly cities (never mind ariports!) and towns all over the world look and feel the same: full of big brand outlets from coffee to cloth to whatever! we have eroded all that makes us unique and gives us identity all over the world!!
on another but very related issue:
what the media calls so nicely "financial crisis" (as opposed to complete big biz fabricated screw -up and their great opportunity to entirely redefine they way we live/work/play by shifting control to even fewer people with anything but the wellbeing of the public at large at heart) will be, sadly, the last and lost opportunity for us people (not consumers...!) to change and restructe the way we live overall... lost, because the basic human traits of greed and envy prevent us from feeling and acting on solidarity and the common good. as long as the captains of destruction remain either paid well or are sent off without having to pay back all and everything they made by "failing" their/our economical structures it will never end and stands no chance of change. these people have to work for free (depending on how we deal with their "savings" or for a mimimal wage for the reminder of their working days anywhere within their organisations and the communities they "screwed"
what james sais and emphasises is nothing but elementary common sense and "small is beautiful" sums it all up!!


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