Monday, June 30, 2008

Weekly Tip #20: Take a hike

It bothers me sometimes that too many of our pastimes involve copious consumption of resources. There's a whole range of (almost) zero impact hobbies such as walking, bird/nature watching, running, gardening (if you propagate your own plants), even (dare I say it) trainspotting. If there's more I haven't thought of, add them in the comments.

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At 6:28 AM, Anonymous sortersuzy said...

I discovered recently that I have some many things that can be done if I'm bored or have few funds to spend that might tickle some ideas for others AND help them to decrease the stuff in their lives.
1. Edit and make movies with all those videos of stuff you've taken but done nothing with - it's all still on those little mini dv tapes!
2. Record you're vinyl records into MP3 files
3. Scan old photos into computer and create slideshows.
4. Groom the dog properly!
5. Clean out the garage, closet, attic, etc & take unwanted -good- items to charity - feels GOOD!
6. Run a garage sale & sell you're unwanted stuff - make money instead of spending it!
7. If you MUST consume try garage sales for good 2nd hand items instead of buying new.


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