Monday, August 11, 2008

Wall E is not a Wally

Wall-E, as you can't have missed, is the latest Pixar animation about the titular small recycling robot abandoned on a future earth knee deep in waste. You've probably also seen the fuss about all the Wall-E merchandising and the use of the robot to sell cars and other eco-nasties. It still surprised me how ruthless such merchandising can be - using an eco-hero to sell plastic tat without the slightest sense of irony. It reminds me of the Millennium Dome where the eco-message was rammed down visitors' throats along with the Maccy D's and associated packaging...

Well all is not lost in this cynical old world - Wall-E has also been signed up to front the Encams/Keep Britain Tidy Big Tidy Up campaign. A much more appropriate use of the little blighter, if you ask me.

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