Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Weekly Tip #5: Take Your Tops Off

Slightly late this week due to the ridiculous amount of traveling I've done since Friday under sometimes very difficult circumstances*. Anyway, something I have learnt in the meantime:

If your local authority collects plastic bottles for recycling, the difference between this being environmentally and economically worthwhile or not can be made by whether or not you take the tops off the bottles. If you don't the wagons have to shift much more air than plastic. So get 'em off!

* For example: what do you do if your minibus driver gets a call to say that his pregnant wife has fallen, broken her hip, and before they can fix that, they need to deliver the baby by caeserian four weeks early. And you're in a vicious storm several hundred miles away?

(mother & baby OK, by the way)

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