Monday, February 18, 2008

Weekly Tip #2: Bottle It Yourself

You might have seen the BBC headlines today proclaiming that bottled water has a carbon footprint 600 times that of tap water. Yes, six hundred times. Well the answer is simple: carry a bottle of tap water with you - buy one at a camping store.

When in a restaurant, no matter how posh, don't be afraid to ask for tap water. After all, if you're spending £25 on a £8 bottle of wine, they can hardly complain!

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At 7:27 AM, Anonymous Delphine said...

I live in Johannesburg where the tap water actually tastes good. It is of the cleanest water supply you can find in a formal city environment. I get downright angry when restaurants offer me IMPORTED ITALIAN water - imagine the carbon footprint there!

So, yes,I endorse your 'bottled tap water' strategy - provided that the tap water hasn't been fluoridized and chlorinated to hell. In wish case, filter your own at home and bottle it for going out.


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