Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Train of thought...

I was on a Virgin Pendilino* Cross Country Voyager train yesterday, on my way back from a client meeting in Leeds. I went to the loo and then washed my hands like a good boy. These trains have those auto sinks where you have to wave blindly at unseen sensors to get water and operate the drier (for some reason the soap requires physical effort).

When I moved my paws under the drier it started up, but the water didn't stop... so... despite all that technology, the water pump was still pumping merrily to itself, wasting water and energy, and wetting the back of my left hand into the bargain.

Would it not be simple to cut the water pump as soon as the drier kicks in?

Just a thought.

It reminded me of my last job where the toilets were so narrow you couldn't get in or out without a 2 second blast from the drier. Clever design.

Sometimes I think we're going backwards.

*Update 1/3/08 - Note to self - never get your trains wrong... someone will notice!

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At 8:34 PM, Blogger Ro said...

sometimes I feel the same way.

great example.


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