Wednesday, February 06, 2008

What are you giving up for Lent?

Well the Church of England are calling for people to give up carbon rather than chocolate this year. In conjunction with tear fund, they've come up with a 40 day lo-carb diet, although some are a bit bizarre - day 1 is "remove a lightbulb" - that's all you need, lots of opportunities to electrocute yourself or your nearest & dearest!

Anyway, it's a nice idea and it is good to see such an influential body as the CoE stepping up to the crease. Now I'm a heathen, from a long line of heathens, but I've always thought that the eco-message should resonate with Christians - care of God's creation, that there are things more important than materialism and the whole environmental-justice side of things (poor people get more pollution - fact).

Unfortunately the most prominent/powerful god-botherer in the world is a money worshipping climate change sceptic who doesn't care about the planet as the apocalypse is on its way...

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