Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Not Codding

As every fool know, the humble cod, key ingredient of that most British of dishes, the fish supper, is in trouble. Europe's attempts to regulate the fishing industry is a joke, with loads of dead fish being dumped over the sides of trawlers rather than brought ashore. We've replaced over-fishing for food with over-fishing for bureaucracy.

A couple of glimmers on the horizon:

1. The Guardian is reporting that top chefs are backing Greenpeace's campaign for sustainable fish. And we all know that sleb chefs are the Bonos du jour - cf healthy eating and animal welfare.

2. A sustainable fish & chip shop has opened in South Kensington, London to rave reviews. I'm in London today, but unfortunately won't get a chance to kit S Ken to check it out for myself.

Maybe the cod will overtake the polar bear as the eco-symbol of the year. Stranger things have happened!

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