Friday, January 18, 2008

Which type of green are you?

DEFRA has released a weighty report dividing the population into the following 7 segments (with my slightly less subtle interpretations of what they mean):

1. Positive Greens - 18 % of us - will do as much as they can.

2. Waste Watchers - 12% - naturally dislike waste but not environmentally motivated.

3. Concerned Consumers 14% - would like to do more, but struggle with lifestyle choices.

4. Sideline supporters - 14% - concerned, but not acting.

5. Cautious Participants - 14% - will follow the crowd.

6. Stalled Starters - 10% - don't know much about the environment.

7. Honestly Disengaged - 18% - Jeremy Clarkson.

Which are you?

The report also sets 12 headline goals running from "install insulation" through to "eat food locally in season". It then plots which of these goals each type of person is most likely to be persuaded to achieve and by what method.

Interesting stuff... but I'm sure the reactionary and the paranoid will have a field day - "They're trying to brainwash wash us into this liberal-lefty green stuff!"

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At 9:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The DEFRA report is interesting and I would be interested to see what the comparison would be for North Americans (Canada in my case). I would consider myself in the 18% of the populace who are doing somthinge (Positive Greens) or maybe (if I where to be more honest, a member of the Concerned Consumer populace; but more leaning and acting in the Positive Green camp.
It will be interesting to read through the reports and look at the questions more thoroughly and ask them of myself and others.


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