Monday, January 07, 2008

Where are the energy protestors?

Has anyone noticed the price of road fuel? In 2000 the price was much lower than it is now and the country was brought to a near standstill by a coalition of farmers and truckers. Yet similar protests in December failed to garner more than a handful of protesters around the country.

This weekend, the papers were predicting a 15% hike in domestic gas and electricity. This will pitch many thousands into fuel poverty (where more than 10% of the household's income is spent on energy bills) and will make for an uncomfortable winter for many.

It is natural to attack the energy industry for this and the Government has started talks with them to try and reduce these prices. Of course the only long term solution is to reduce the amount of energy we need through better insulation, getting used to wearing a jumper rather than superheating our homes, and more efficient vehicles. For some reason the connection between costs and consumption (cost = consumption x price, duh) doesn't seem to catch the notice of the press.

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