Thursday, August 23, 2007

Green Vibrations...

This is my favourite silly season story with an eco-bent:

The new Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment directive requires all WEEE, as it is delightfully known, to be collected separately for recycling rather than being chucked in landfill. Not a very sexy subject you might think, but, as WEEE includes 'pretty much anything with a battery or a plug' according to my local Environment Agency office, what do you do if your, ahem, marital aids wear out?

Well the good people at LoveHoney will give you a new 'rampant rabbit' for half price if you send back your old one for recycling and will make a donation to charity to boot. Top effort - and better than running the risk of ridicule down at your local civic amenity site.

Begs one question - just what do they turn the old rabbits into?

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