Friday, July 27, 2007

Patio Heaters, Grrrr!

You may have seen in the press that the Energy Savings Trust estimates that sales of patio heaters are likely to double in the next year. Just after hearing this on the BBC, I got a call from a local radio station looking for my views. I usually try and give a balanced view on any environmental issue when talking to the meedja, but when it comes to patio heaters I have to be scathing. From a green point of view they are evil incarnate and I told them that straight.

I suspect, like with 4x4s, public opinion will start to turn against such heaters and trying to heat the atmosphere just so you can finish your bottle of rosé will become unfashionable again.

BTW, the best solution to living an outdoor lifestyle in a cool climate I have seen was in Copenhagen where pavement cafes provide you with a big fleecy blanket to wrap yourself in while you enjoy your Carlsberg. Fantastic.

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At 10:48 AM, Blogger Michael said...

I've seen those blankets in Warsaw too. A fantastic idea - cheap, very chic and (almost) totally environmentally neutral. Sadly I think the smoking ban here will offset any backlash against patio heaters - they need to be taxed out of existance.


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