Thursday, August 16, 2007

Holiday Season

Postings have been a bit few and far between in August, I'm afraid, as holidays keep getting in the way. We spent last week in Buttermere in the Lake District (right), which was lovely and rates as follows on the eco-living swingometer:

Good: no flying, plenty of walking, self catering.

Bad: disposable nappies on the nipper (no washing machine), coal fire (yes in August... see hat & coat in pic), little/no recycling facilities (shock at return to one wheelie bin of rubbish in a week), supermarket shopping.

Tomorrow we're off to Cologne by train (hurrah!) for ten days. I hope to be doing some posting on what I find there eco-wise, web access permitting.

Oh, by the way, my no-fly record of 16 months will end mid September. I must say I haven't missed flying at all and I'm going to have to get my head around the "new" security arrangements re liquids and all that malarky.

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