Thursday, June 28, 2007

Printer Ink Stink

I've recently replaced the ink cartridges in my HP colour laser printer. If HP had their way, I would have changed them ages ago when the printer suddenly refused to print anything as one of the cartridges was 'low' in ink. After much swearing, I eventually found the override and, lo!, the ink cartridge went on for weeks before I saw a reduction in print quality. To give HP some credit, they do provide a recycling service for these great chunks of plastic with a freepost label inside the old container - they've now gone back from whence they came.

I used to use an Epson inkjet which was worse - if any of the 6 cartridges was low then it refused to print and I couldn't find an override. I had to purchase a cheap gizmo which would reset the chip in the cartridge and, once again, allow another hundred or so pages of printing.

I can't help thinking that both companies are using a cynical ploy to get us to buy more ink, which, compared to the price of the printer, is suspiciously expensive...



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