Thursday, November 16, 2006

Indy asks: "How Green is Your MP?"

Following Friends of the Earth's Big Ask campaign (saucy version posted here), The Independent has surveryed every MP in the land on their attitudes to the environment.

The Indy's verdict:

"If you take our responses as a guide, the LibDems care the most: 56 responded, with just 7 absentees. And David Cameron has clearly had an effect on the Conservatives: 114 replied, 82 didn't. Labour was much less impressive, with 141 respondents but 214 absentees (most notably Gordon Brown, despite repeated calls to his office). And climate change doesn't seem to be making much impact on Northern Ireland politics, with not a single response from any DUP or Sinn Fein representative."

Being from Norn Iron myself, I'm more than a little disappointed... but not too surprised. Can you imagine Big Ian bellowing "The Planet Says NO!!!"?


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