Monday, November 06, 2006

The igmony of being slated by British Gas!

I got a card with my British Gas bill offering a free energy review based on answers to a number of multiple choice questions, so I thought I'd give it a punt. I got my report back this weekend and they absolutely crucified me - an E on a rating of A to G. The problems (with my desperate excuses in brackets) are:

i. an old boiler (replacement on order with solar pre-heating, plus wood burning stove)

ii. insufficient insulation (top up on order)

iii. solid walls (partially internally insulated which I didn't equate to cavity wall insulation)

iv. not enough people living in a medium sized house (my office is also in there and a baby is on its way!)

The review didn't allow for my triple glazing, insulated loft hatch etc, etc ... but I'm more than a little chastened. They softened the blow with a free pair of CFLs.


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