Friday, November 10, 2006

Fishy Business for a Friday

As I'm defrosting some organic trout from Graig Farm for tea, I got thinking about the wild fish stocks crisis. Last week's copy of Science published research warning that if current trends continue there will be no viable wild-caught seafood at all by 2050.

There seems to be a stark choice for Government - whether to slash the industry now or wipe out the stocks and the industry in a couple of generations' time. Seems straightforward to me.

The current rules seem positively Kafkaesque - fisherman can catch more than their quota, but have to throw away the (dead) excess rather than landing it for consumption, according to the Guardian.

The Guardian also published this interesting guide to sustainable fish last month, but with a strong omega 3 bent. Organicly farmed fish is their recommendation. Just like my trout (smug grin).


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