Sunday, November 12, 2006

Green Home Improvement - Insulation

My consignment of Thermafleece insulation arrived on Friday, so I've spent the weekend topping up the existing rockwool insulation with 100mm of waste sheep's wool. It is fantastic stuff - easy to handle, easy to cut, non-toxic, non-irritant, high insulation value, renewably sourced and it only uses 14% of the energy needed to make rockwool. It is so benign you can hug it.

Only one problem... it is eye-wateringly expensive, working out at over £12 a square metre, about five times the cost of rockwool. This is definitely a purist's solution and I must admit I splashed out partially to gain first hand experience for professional reasons. Unfortunately I don't think the taxman will allow me to write it off as 'training materials'.

If the cost is way beyond your budget (no shame there), there are products available with a high recycled content which are much more resonable, but you'll have to compromise on the other properties. If these are still too pricy, any insulation is better than no insulation.

Next thing is to see if I notice the difference in temperature and on the gas bills...


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