Thursday, June 12, 2008

Orange Green Babies

No, I'm not dipping a toe into the cauldron that is Norn Iron politics (I was brought up there, I know better).

Rather, with organic baby food hitting a whopping 70% of the whole market, you may have noticed a wee side effect. Tomato based meals often have carrot added to keep them a nice rosy red colour while avoiding the evil E numbers. If your little pixie eats too much, they start to take on a distinct, but harmless, orange tinge. Apparently GPs have been besieged by worried parents and their glowing Munchkins. The solution is simple - switch from pasta bolognese to macaroni cheese for a while.

BTW I've found that having a little'un saves on food waste from our main meals - any leftovers are bagged, labelled and in the freezer in the blink of an eye. No orange glow either.

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