Monday, June 09, 2008

Weekly Tip #17: Buy holes, not drills

Slightly obscure title*, but it refers to the fact that when you buy a drill, what you are actually after is the holes it will produce, not the drill itself.

So, instead of buying a DVD, rent it instead or watch it on pay-per-view. Likewise with music and iTunes (or equivalent) or the radio**. Join a carclub rather than buying a car, use a nappy service rather than buying nappies and join your local library. All of these examples will give you the end result to desire without all the physical gubbins to go with it.

* I vaguely remember having a Ken Dodd annual as a kid where the Diddymen were selling holes in the ground. Surreal thing to throw at a young child's developing mind.

** Ever since I was given a DAB radio and got into BBC 6Music, I've stopped buying so much music in any form as that channel seems to fit my tastes down to a tee.

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