Thursday, September 13, 2007

Supermarkets still after your green pound...

Tesco have announced today that they're funding an Institute of Sustainable Consumption at the University of Manchester. Sounds like they're spending big bucks on it too - one Prof, 5 academics, 20 researchers and 30 Phd's - a cool £25m.

Great, but, hold on, you've got the UK's biggest retailer, which takes about £1 out of every 6-8 out of our wallets, asking a team of 56 people to redesign consumption patterns - are they really going to say the answer is:

"Return to lots of independent retailers within walking distance of their customers' homes and whose buying power is not crushing our indigenous farming industry making it rely on state handouts and intensive unsustainable methods of production."

or, more succinctly,

"Abolish all the features of the system that made Tesco so rich."

Meanwhile, internet grocer Ocado is claiming that each of their delivery vans takes "20 cars off the road". Hang on, the Department of Transport claimed the figure was 3*. Could Ocado be overstating it slightly? Surely not.

* as quoted in Heat.

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