Sunday, January 21, 2007

Climate Change: Britain Under Threat

Just watched the BBC's excellent programme on climate change, fronted by the much-trusted Sir David Attenborough with able support from Kate Humble and Matt Allwright. The programme featured the results of the Beeb's distributed computing experiment to predict climate change effects which used 56 000 viewers' PCs to model the future until 2080.

It was very well presented and clearly showed the impact climate change will have on the UK if we don't do anything different soon. It also showed up some follies - like the massive building programme in the Thames Gateway area when it could be under 4m of water in a matter of decades. I particularly liked the guy who had decided to make hay while the sun shone and started an olive and almond grove - he was surprised at the success of his crop so far.

All good stuff & much better than the clearly confused Nigel Havers making a complete twonk of himself trying to put climate change into Room 101 on Friday night - he didn't seem to know whether he thought it was or wasn't happening, whether or not it was a good or bad thing, or whether cyclists were to blame. I hope he was watching Sir David tonight.

More parochially, readers in the North East of England may be interested in the new Climate Dome touring the region to get the message across. I'm a trustee of the charity behind it, hence the plug. It has been designed to appeal to people who wouldn't normally take an interest - see what you think.

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