Thursday, December 28, 2006

Did You Have A Green Christmas?

On reflection, mine wasn't bad from an eco-living point of view (much better than the telly anyway).

- We had an almost totally organic and local Christmas dinner, with the turkey coming from a farm 25 miles away, the veg from our organic box scheme and the goodies from our local organic shop. All absolutely delicious (apart from the sprouts needless to say).

- For presents, I got a couple of new eco-gadgets to try out and review here in the New Year and an axe to chop wood for our new, but as yet uninstalled, wood burning stove.

- Despite all the fuss in the green columns in the press, I had no dilemma getting a real tree which will be sawn up for firewood. It's not as if we have a shortage of fir trees, is it?

The downside was the huge heap of rubbish - our wheelie bin is rarely full, but it is now.

My eco-living New Year's Resolution is to get my carbon footprint measured and sorted out. There should be a huge drop as we're getting a condensing boiler, solar hot water and the woodburning stove in January, but I still need to sort out transport and electricity.

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