Thursday, December 21, 2006

The grass is greener on the eco-friendly side of the fence

The Energy Savings Trust have reported that eco-friendly Britons are more likely to experience a general sense of happiness and wellbeing, according to research from Imperial College London.

This chimes with my not-scientifically-proven-but-strongly-held-anyway belief that eco-living is fun and not the hair-shirt-fret-a-minute it is often made out to be in sections of the media. I'm not sure that the publicity around Bab Haddrill's overland pilgrimage to Australia for a friend's wedding was the best message for the wider public. While I'm behind her ambition (I tried to do the same 10 years ago, but had to turn back from Russia for family reasons), the big 'I'm doing this to save the planet' hoo-hah perpetuates the myth that 'green = hardship', which will make Jo(e) Public switch straight off.


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