Thursday, November 06, 2008


The world celebrates as 'The One' is elected.

While I'm chuffed that the Bush Doctrine is dead, that Obama has shown that the colour of your skin and the nature of your name is no barrier to the highest positions in the world, and that Sarah Palin will never be near the presidency, I'm not getting prematurely excited on the environmental front.

While papers like the Guardian are proclaiming that there will be a new global climate deal and a huge boost to renewables, we should not forget what happened under the last Democrat president. Bill Clinton (then dubbed 'The First Black President" - a bit of a daft statement from today's perspective) and Al "Inconvenient Truth" Gore gutted the Kyoto agreement according to Tony Juniper. Clinton tried to add some green varnish to his rule by rushing through a raft of green legislation in the fag end months of his incumbency knowing that they would be booted into touch by the incoming Bush Jr.

So, while there is a much better chance of moving forward on climate under Obama and he's made all the right noises so far, I'm waiting to see what happens when the wheels of that aspiration hit the rough road of reality.

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