Friday, April 11, 2008

Time to rearrange the fridge (& the fruit bowl)

If you've been reading this blog for a while you'll know my view that food is probably our biggest impact on the environment - land use, pesticides, fertilisers, transport, processing, refrigeration, packaging, retail and waste all add up to a huge impact. Wasting food is obviously a bad thing and, of what we buy, a third is wasted, half of that unnecessarily (the rest is tea bags, peels, skins and 'endy-bits' that we can't eat).

Well I'm going to have to change my fridge habits (bung it all in except marmalade - horrible cold on hot toast) having read this interesting article in the Guardian about food storage. I've always assumed that cooler = better preservation, but apparently it is not the case for many vegetables - it actually cuts their shelf life. So it's going to be a busy weekend.

I've already evicted the bananas from the fruit bowl. I knew the ethylene they offgas helps ripen tomatoes, but I didn't realise they over-ripen other fruit, leading to them "going off" earlier.

Every day is a school day...

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