Friday, April 25, 2008

Isn't nature brilliant?

I love this time of year. As I look out my window, white cherry blossom is starting to emerge among the trees along the river. I'm still in my running gear after jogging up the valley. As I entered Jesmond Dene, there was a flash of black, white and red over my head. I stopped and got my first really good look at one of the woodpeckers who I've listened to for 8 years. No shimmering flash of a kingfisher this morning, but I still have a big fat grin on my face as I get stuck into work.

I'm lucky - I live in a river valley less than 20 minutes walk from Newcastle City Centre. If you struggle to get out and commune with nature, why not try out BTCV's Green Gym - fitness and fresh air!

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At 1:03 PM, Anonymous Rosie said...

Jesmond Dene - there's a name to bring back memories - I was at Uni in Newcastle and regularly walked through Jesmond Dene. I never saw a woodpacker - but then I probably wasn't looking for one!! But took the dogs for a walk this morning here in France and saw both a green and a lesser spotted woodpecker


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