Friday, October 27, 2006

Green Home Improvement Tip No.4

Windows & Doors

When we bought our house, it was completely single glazed and leaked heat like nobody's business. We replaced all our windows with slow-grown softwood triple glazed units and put in a new, matching front door. As we have a very tall house at the rear, maintenance is an issue, so we got them coated externally in a thin aluminium coating.

The windows are superb and look beautiful, but we have had some problems with the door coating. Being Swedish, all the draught-proofing is excellent and the A4 cylinder-style letter-box has to be seen to be believed. None of them cost much more than good quality PVC units (whose manufacturing process uses more energy than they'd ever save).

Unfortunately I can't recommend the UK distributer because:

a. They were a bunch of cowboys, and,

b. They've gone bust.

Good thing we never paid them for the door...

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