Friday, October 06, 2006

Green Crucifixion on ITV

Just watched The G-Factor - a slightly bizarre episode of Tonight with Trevor McDonald. It consisted of a number of families who are trying to make a difference in their eco-footprint being torn apart by a panel of media-friendly experts.

It was good to see eco-living on primetime telly, and I suppose it made the valid point that doing a little ain't enough on the grand scale of things, but it worried me that the entire ITV audience will say to themselves "Well, what's the point?".

The programme did fail to live up to its billing that some green efforts could cause more problems than they solve, except for a poor lass who had been on an eco-holiday every year in far flung parts. Been there, done that myself - and I couldn't help thinking the panel probably had too.

BTW: How much does our Trev get paid for his 10 seconds of intro and outro?


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