Thursday, September 14, 2006

Waitrose declared 'greenest' UK supermarket

Today's Guardian runs a report by the National Consumer Council on the environmental performance of supermarkets. Judging them on food miles, waste, nature-fish, nature-trees and sustainable farming, the results from A (excellent) to E (poor) were:

B: Waitrose
C: Sainsbury's
C: Marks & Spencer
D: Co-op
D: Tesco
E: Morrisons
E: Somerfield

Tesco's less-than-spectacular performance is most worrying as more than a sixth of all consumer spending goes through their tills.

Like a good greenie, I try wherever possible to avoid the big sheds and buy local produce from local stores. Unfortunately this is easier said than done these days, particularly if you're looking for fresh food and have exotic tastes. Farmers markets are excellent as many producers have diversified into 'posher' foods - my best find so far being nettle Wensleydale cheese.


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