Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Product Review: Wiggly Wrigglers Wormery

The wormery consists of a base/sump, three legs, three trays, a lid and a rain cover. It comes with a worm certificate (they are posted later), a food block, a mat, some lime to avoid a build up of acidity and some 'worm treat'. Care has been taken to use sustainable materials in construction and the consumables.

The idea is to start the worms in the bottom tray with the food block - the mat stops them dropping into the sump. As you add food waste, you can add further trays as each fills up. The worms eat their way up through the trays, leaving worm cast compost behind. Liquid waste drains into the sump and can be drawn off via a tap and used, diluted, as plant food.

Advantages of the wormery over a normal composting bin:

1. The compost is much better quality.
2. You get 'organic' liquid plant food.
3. There is better protection from rats etc, so you can put in cooked food.
4. It's a lot more fun.


1. Cost - at £90 you have to be an enthusiast (or have generous relatives).
2. Effort - there's a bit of worm husbandry involved.
3. Capacity - the wormery won't take as much waste as a compost bin. In terms of food waste this would not be a problem for a normal sized household, but if you have a garden you will need a compost facility as well.

I got my wormery as a present for Christmas last year and I thoroughly enjoy maintaining it, but you do have to be careful. For example, I found you have keep it out of the heat or the worms head for the sump and drown.

Verdict: If you like composting as a hobby - get one.


At 1:49 PM, Blogger hobblogs said...

How's the e-book progressing?

I visited this WW Worm Farm when we moved over this way to set up the HoBB Garden Concept.

They've got an interesting exhibition at their farm if you are passing this way ( Wiggly Wigglers
Lower Blakemere Farm, Blakemere, Herefordshire HR2 9PX )

For readers wishing to save road/ air miles (We support you!) you can take a virtual visit at : http://www.wigglywigglers.co.uk/

Best wishes,



At 10:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you both for talking about a Can-O-Worms. We use lots as you can imagine at Wiggly Wigglers with great success. I've found that temperatures dont affect the composting too much, the key thing seems to be too keep adding plenty of cardboard shredded up (or paper). That keeps the balance. By the way in our office we are using Bokashi Buckets and they go really in conjunction with a Can-O-Worms or a conventional composter. Anyway you may well enjoy our podcasts (they are free) which talk lots about worm composting, Bokashi and lots more. Keep up the wiggling and if we can be of help, you know where we are
Heather from Wigglys.


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