Monday, June 08, 2009

Neologism of the year: Peak Fish

We've had peak oil, peak uranium, but it appears we passed 'Peak Fish' back in 1988 and the situation is serious. There's lots of fuss in the media just at the minute about declining fish stocks and its a reminder that, while climate change remains the biggest threat, there are other very serious issues out there too that we can't ignore.

80% of fish stocks are fully or overexploited - yes, that is eight zero per cent - we're in very real risk of emptying the oceans.

So what's the advice for eco-livers? Well "Fish Online" has some very useful lists of "Fish to Eat" and "Fish to Avoid". If you have to make a buying decision without access to these, look for the Marine Stewardship Council tick or buy farmed fish (which have their own eco-problems, but at least they won't run out).

Of course that'll only make a tiny difference while the rest of the world eats unsustainable fish - why not write to your MP or MEP and ask them to do something about it?



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