Thursday, January 29, 2009

The light bulbs flicker at The Mail

The Daily Mail's ferocious attack on the tyrannical march of energy efficient lightbulbs seems to have flickered and died... a search today suggests that the last attack dog article on bulbs was on 10 Jan. And today they're proclaiming a breakthrough in LED technology which will be even greener than "unpopular" CFLs. Blimey!

But in case you think they're going soft, a column today proclaims recycling a waste of time and a con, despite the absence of any evidence to back this up - just based on a quote re incineration from Peter Jones. 77% of readers say recycling is a waste of time in an on-line poll.

For those overseas readers who are familiar with The Mail and it's rabid rants at everything modern or progressive, you can get a flavour from the satirical Daily Mail Headline Generator - my favourite "Can Gypsies Give You Cancer?" If only this was an exaggeration...

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